Friday, November 20, 2009

Glow-ball warming

The internet exploded this morning with the report that someone had hacked the servers at a major UK global warming research center. Hundreds of emails and lots of inconvenient data have been compromised.

Hot Air is on the story, as is the Smallest Minority, along with the Australian Herald-Sun. Everybody is wondering if the emails show a concerted effort to publish bad data and hide inconvenient data. It's looking more and more like global warming is a total fraud, both from the scientific and political aspects of the issue. If the data isn't good and the scientists have been hiding things, then the entire issue of the validity of global warming is at doubt.

Not that I haven't had doubts for years. Sometime about 1990 I was on a camping trip with the Scouts and one of the dads was a highly lettered scientist who taught at the local teacher college. He and I were talking about world-wide catastrophes and he said that the biggest threat to mankind was glaciation. He told me that most of the periods of time when life flourishes on this planet are warm times and that those are punctuated with periods of extreme glaciation. Like a 2 mile thick glacier over half the United States. His thesis was that the entire history of mankind was marked in a warm period and that if we intended to be around longer than the dinosaurs, we better figure out what we need to do about glaciers.

I don't believe a word that Al Gore says. The man has figured out how to get rich selling snake-oil. He would have made a great Hadacol salesman.


Termite said...

"Gorbachev was about to dissolve the Soviet Union, and the Berlin Wall was set to come down. It was an extraordinary worldwide repudiation of communism, and diehard communists and socialists were fleeing their sinking ship and hopping aboard its new horse, the worldwide environmental movement. They injected themselves into the movement, giving it tremendous momentum but distorting its altruistic goals with their socialist philosophy."

The above quote is from Dave Duffy's article in Backwoods Home Magazine:

I think Duffy nails it. The communists and hardcore socialists joined the environmental movement when communism was shown to be a failure. For them it isn't about enviromentalism, it's about controlling the public. They'll just use whatever means will work for them.

J said...

Google "Northwest Passage."

It's there now. Natural means, I'm sure. Nothing to worry about -- unless you live south of Pineville.