Monday, November 02, 2009


Milady and I went out to Momma's place to put some corn in the feeder today. No joy on the camera, but the feeder is working.

On the way home, passing through Holloway, we saw a new business, Dustin's Specialty Meats, so we pulled in to see what was available. It's an old-style butcher shop. One fellow was trimming steaks on a cutting board and a woman was putting fresh cracklings (fried pork skin) in a paper bag for another customer.

Dustin and I talked about processing deer. He processes deer, but tells me that the health department won't let him hang the deer carcass in the same walk-in cooler with graded meats. Dustin wants the deer dressed and skinned in an ice-chest and properly tagged. I told him we could do that, then the conversation turned to supper. Dustin sells boudin, a regional sausage, and he makes it himself.

Boudin is cajun sausage and comes in two basic varieties. Red boudin and white. Dustin, as do most butchers, sells the white version. It's a rice based sausage, with pork and just enough chicken liver for taste. It contains onions and peppers and each butcher's recipe varies enough that there is no standard boudin. Everyone has his or her own secret recipe.

Dustin makes good boudin. We bought four links, then brought them home and put them in the oven for a half-four. Boudin is fresh sausage and putting it in the oven helps crisp the casing. I ate mine with saltine crackers and a big class of iced tea.

If you ever find yourself traveling though Holloway community in northeast Rapides Parish, give Dustin a try.


Melissa said...

*drool* Save us some please!

Old NFO said...

Oh man... I'd LOVE some :-)