Monday, November 30, 2009

Chris Muir

Chris Muir is the cartoonist for the strip Day By Day. It's one of my daily reads. Years ago I liked Garry Trudeau, and I don't even know if Trudeau is drawing any more. Then for a long time I read Bill Waterson (Calvin and Hobbes) and Gary Larson, (The Far Side) but they both quit drawing their cartoons.

I notice, via Instapundit, that Roger Kimball, over at Pajamas Media is a fan. He reviews Muir, noting:
Quite apart from his notable graphic abilities, what sets Muir apart from most of his fellow entertainers is his allergy to the poison of political correctness. He has a clear grasp of the dangers of what Tocqueville called “democratic despotism,” what conservatives today are likely to congregate under the rubric of “big government.” Muir pokes fun at pomposity and excess wherever he finds it, but he is perhaps at his best and most trenchant when exposing the sinister underside of the illiberal liberalism that has come to define the Democratic party of the early twenty-first century.
Be that as it may, it's a great strip and one of my daily reads.

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