Monday, November 09, 2009


The Confederate Yankee asks a good question and at the risk of plagiarism, I'm going to ask the same question. First, a little background. It's becoming common knowledge that the traitor Hasan used a FN FiveSeven pistol in his rampage at Fort Hood.

This little pistol fires a small-caliber cartridge with a projectile weighing about 30 grains and sends it out at about 2100 fps. (There are variations in the ammo and the muzzle velocities, but these rough figures are good for our purposes. You can follow the links for more precise information.) This is a fairly anemic little round, as handgun ammo goes. My .45 ACP throws a 230 grain slug and my .357 magnums throw either a 158 or 180 grain slug, with much more downrange energy than the 5.7 mm ammo used in the FiveSeven.

Yet, the media is trumpeting the little pooper-pistol as a "COP KILLER".

Ft. Hood terrorist used a cop killer FN-Five Seven tactical pistol—20 round clip

'Cop Killer' Gun Used In Ft. Hood Shooting, Officials Said

Now, I don't know of any police officer that's ever been shot with the FN 5.7 round, with the possible exception of Sergeant Kimberly Munley, who stopped this traitor with her service pistol. Sher herself was shot stopping him.

She wasn't killed, thankfully.

SO, if only one cop has ever been shot with this ammo and NO cops have ever been killed with it, how does it qualify as COP-KILLER ammo?

Or, is the media just being dishonest with the American people?


Old NFO said...

Paw, there IS a restricted LEO/Military round designed to penetrate vests, BUT it is NOT available to the public... It's the standard dishonesty... sigh...

WV-boorubet Yep, boors as always!

J said...

I think it's less media dishonesty and more the media not knowing beans about firearms.

Termite said...

J said...

I think it's less media dishonesty and more the media not knowing beans about firearms.

It's both. They are ignorant about firearms in general, they have little interest in learning, and they seek to demonize firearms and firearm owners, either because they are hoplophobes, or to further their own agenda.