Monday, November 16, 2009

Talkin' about Sarah

It seems everywhere I go in the online community, people are talking about Sarah.

How dumb she is.

How she's unelectable.

But, they're talking about her.

I like Sarah. Like her a lot. I voted for her last election, more for her than for that other person on the ticket. Who was that? Some RINO, I forget. I voted for Sarah.

It's interesting though, that she isn't an elected official but she's making waves as a prime mover in politics. She's tapped into something that no one else has tapped in to, and I think it's driving them crazy.

Our past governor, Edwin Edwards, managed to keep his name in the newspapers even when he wasn't in office. He kept the people talking and when it was time to vote, they hadn't forgotten his name. That's good politics.


J said...

Even this liberal Democrat likes Palin. The John McCain camp looked and still look down their noses at her, but guess what? Had the ticket been Palin/McCain, Obama wouldn't have won so easily.

Anonymous said...

Look at the feet of those excoriating her the worst, they're standing in little yellow puddles. They are scared to death of "The Sarahcuda" and her followers, and rightly so.

Gerry N.

Old NFO said...

They are scared of her for two reasons (I think)...
1. She is real people, not a Washington Elitist, and pulls NO punches.
2. She has tapped the conservative female voting block like no other woman has ever done.

J said...

As much as I like her, if she's too dumb to know her teenaged daughter is having sex, she's too dumb to be president.