Friday, November 27, 2009

Conflict of interest

This is interesting, if only as part of the global warming debacle.

It seems that President Obama's Climate Czar (one of the anointed czars, not subject to Senate confirmation) has a serious conflict of interest. Her job in the present administration is to regulate CO2 and insure that emitters buy carbon offset credits.

It turns out that her previous work was as a board member of APX, a leading player in the sale of carbon offsets. If that's not a conflict of interest, I've never heard of one.

They told me if I voted for Bush, we'd see an administration full of cronies and massive conflicts of interest, and they were right.

It's looking more and more like the Global Warming believers are just a bunch of people trying to get rich by scaring the rest of us. They're industrialists with massive conflicts of interest. They hide data, they offer bullshit science and they're getting rich from government mandates.

Did'ja know that Al Gore is one of the founders of Global Investment Management, LLP, who stands to make millions from climate solutions? Big Al is a private businessman now, not employed by government in any way. He's an industrialist and he's poised to make millions of dollars selling carbon offsets. He's doing that by selling the idea that Global Warming is a problem.

His only problem is that no one can now prove that global warming even exists. The data has been fudged and they've lost all credibility. Add the conflicts of interest in the present administration and you've got a scandal that might destroy the credibility of the President.

What little credibility he's got left.

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Rivrdog said...

" one can now prove that global warming even exists."

In the stictest terms of science, that's right, and has always been right, but no matter how many REAL scientists might decry the "data" gathering, the scamming AGW plans have gone forward.

Given the past rejection of actual science, as well as the new revelations of cheating, along with the desire for the Socialist masters of the universe to continue their rule, this setback for the AGW folks is merely a small pothole in the road to political control. I predict, sadly, that their dampfwalser will roll right over the pothole and not even notice it.

We won't have long to wait to see if I've predicted accurately: when the Copenhagen climate summit meets, will ANY brave soul there manage to state to all the conferees that their conference work is about to be built on a foundation of lies?

We'll soon see. I'm betting on dishonesty winning this one, PawPaw.