Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fort Hood

I just got home from a basketball game and heard news all over the gymnasium that there was a terrible mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. Driscoll's got a round-up at Pajamas Media.

My prayers, of course, are with the good soldiers who were injured this day by an enemy in their midst. A traitorous, cowardly enemy who cloaked himself in our colors. God has a special place in hell for such a person.

Evidently, the shooter was an army officer, and a medical doctor. Earlier I had heard that he was killed. Later reports indicate that he's in stable condition at an undisclosed hospital.

I'm a retired officer and the thought of another officer hurting GIs makes me physically ill. Enraged, outraged. I might stress my soldiers, I might make them sweat blood and tears. I'd keep them up late, work their butts off, train them till they puked, but I would never, ever hurt one of my soldiers. That is unthinkable.

I have no problem with an enemy trying to damage my force by stealth, strength, tactical excellence, or surprise. That's the nature of warfare. I do have a problem with a traitor in our midst. This Major Nidal Hasan is the most reprehensible of traitors.

He swore an oath, by God, and he has abrogated that oath in the most heinous way imaginable. I'm glad he's alive because now he cannot claim martyrdom. He's alive, by the grace of God, and he'll pay. I want him Court-Martialed, stripped, cashiered, sentenced and forced to work at hard labor for the rest of his worthless life.

On a diet of pork.


Rivrdog said...

Diet of pork is too good. Diet of thin, watery gruel so he can watch himself starve to death, very slowly.

Stephen said...

Amen, and well said.

Anonymous said...

By all means, do not discharge him. He still owes the Army the money for his college degrees.

Hobie said...

May I add another "amen" from the chorus... The lowest of the low.