Thursday, November 19, 2009

The 100 Million Dollar Vote

Did'ja see this over at ABC News? It looks like Harry Reid has purchased Mary Landrieu for 100 million dollars. He needs a vote on healthcare and she needs some pork to bring home to Louisiana.

I bet that he could have bought her for a whole lot less than 100 million.

So, now, the cat's out of the bag. If Mary votes for healthcare, it's because she's been bought. I'm so proud that she's my senator.

We've got one senator who was named on a prostitute client list and another who can be bought.


Peripatetic Engineer said...

If you want some cheap enertainment, call up Mary's office and tell them that you the video of her in Lafayette where she clearly stated that she was against a public option health care bill. Then ask that since this bill carries a public option through an opt out plan, did Mary lie?

The silence on the other end is deafening.

J said...

>I'm so proud that she's my senator.

Me too!