Friday, November 06, 2009

Sergeant Kimberly Munley, Hero

Recent reports indicate that the person who stopped the traitorous officer was a female police officer, Sergeant Kimberly Munley. She's a hero deserving of our praise and respect.
Munley, who had been trained in active-response tactics, rushed into the building and confronted the shooter as he was turning a corner, Cone said. ... Cone said Munley’s aggressive response training taught her that “if you act aggressively to take out a shooter you will have less fatalities.”
LTG Cone is right. I've been trained in active shooter response and the school answer is to confront and engage the shooter at the earliest opportunity. We put pressure on the shooter in the form of fire and make him focus his attention off of his potential victims and on to us.

Sergeant Munley is a true hero. I wish her a quick and full recovery and I'll pray that she returns to duty soon. We need more cops like her.


oyster said...

Heroic indeed! Get well soon, Sgt Munley.

ASM826 said...

It is essentially the same as a school shooting, the person willing to kill was undeterred by the “gun free” zone. Since all the soldiers were following orders, the Major was free to shoot people until someone else with a gun stopped him. She did a good job, a heroic job even, but the situation is a direct result of all those soldiers being disarmed by regulations. Some percentage of personnel at all institutions and military bases should be trained as auxiliary police and armed at all times.

Old NFO said...

Agreed! God Bless Her!!!