Sunday, November 08, 2009

Health Care bill

I see the House passed a health care bill yesterday while I was hunting. Geez, I take one day off and Pelosi tries to wreck the economy. Hopefully, saner minds will prevail in the Senate.

Our Founding Fathers foresaw events such as this and organized our national government so that bills such as this might never come to fruition. It's one thing to pass a bill in the raucous, free-wheeling House, where by design it's organized on partisan lines. Whichever party has the majority can pass nearly anything they like, whether it makes good sense or not. Carry that same bill over to the Senate (which has been called the greatest deliberative body in the history of mankind), and passage isn't nearly so easy. Senators, as a general rule, are supposed to be more deliberative than their upstart counterparts in the House. House members represent districts with all the political baggage that carries. Senators represent states. There is a huge difference.

My sitting House member is plainly a moron, and no, I haven't checked to see how he voted on this bill. My opinion of him was set at the last Tea Party I attended, when he tried to defend pork-barrel politics and was booed nearly off the stage. The man isn't smart enough to assay the mood of a crowd.

Of my two senators, one is a sleaze who was named as a patron of prostitutes. The other is a dynastic politico tied to New Orleans politics. Her staff has no clue as to the proper way to answer a simple email. They're idiots and the simple fact that she employs idiots is enough to convince me that she's an idiot also. Which may not be fair to all the other idiots, being tarred with the same brush.

But, Pelosi managed to pass a health care bill. Good for her. I'm sure our President will pat her on the head and tell her she's a good minion. Like my dog, who lives only for Milady's praise, I'm sure Pelosi has no clue what she's done except that he has her Master's praise.

The nature of Politics in this country has sunk to new lows. I'm amazed that the Republic might survive.

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Phil K said...

Theoretically correct regarding the Senate, but they have made so many unanimous consent agreements to shortcut the deliberative component of their work. It seems that not a day goes by that some Senator doesn't get up on his hind legs and moan about how they can't get anything done. My impulse upon hearing that is to cheer. It seems to me that they should be glad when they can't get anything done, because then they are more likely to be serving the country than otherwise.