Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reid's Health Care bill

The Senate voted yesterday to debate the Senate version of the health-care bill. Here's all you really need to know.
Under Leader Reid’s amendment, in the year 2019 about 16 million U.S. citizens would be uninsured and be forced to pay a penalty tax of almost $800 per year. About eight million illegal aliens would be uninsured and would owe no penalty tax. Both groups would get their health care through a combination of out-of-pocket spending and use of uncompensated care in emergency rooms and free health clinics.

This seems unfair.
It is unfair.

I don't think that the government has any business toying in the health-care industry; indeed I think that the entire proposal is unconstitutional. But, we can't begin to fix the problems in health-care, or some other problems we face until we address the undocumented Democrat illegal alien problem. I'm a firm believer in immigration. I believe that immigrants can strengthen the US, chase the American Dream, and help continue to make this country a shining beacon of freedom. However, they've got to get jobs, pay taxes, get educations. Those immigrants that I know are willing to do those things, but there are a lot of undocumented immigrants out there who form a shadow economy that is a drag on the measurable economy. We've got to fix the immigration problem, which is one thing that Congress was created to address.

The fact that they haven't is simply another reason to run the bums out of office at the next opportunity.


Old NFO said...

AGREED! Frikkin idjits need to be voted out in 2010!

Anonymous said...

This BS is getting tiring. These maroons need to be shown the door. Some of them need to be prosecuted and shut behind other doors.

I fear the coming of the Second Revolution if something isn't done soon.

Gerry N.

J said...

Gerry, the Second Revolution happened last November 4th. The true Silent Majority finally spoke.

Anonymous said...

As a health care provider, I find that a HUGE problem is the way the emergency dept is now utilized. It's for EMERGENCIES...if you've lived with the problem for over a week, it's no longer an emergency. Just because "I can't take it no mo" is how you feel, it still doesn't make it an emergency. Can't get into see your doctor because you don't want to wait...still not an emergency. Don't have the cash to go to a walk in clinic but will come to the ER for a stubbed toe...buddy tape the toe to the next toe and call it a day. Have a fever and haven't tried tylenol...give me a break!!! Have a cold and can't breath out of your blow what?? go to walmart and get a decongestant like all the nurses do (and stop smoking if you're coughing up green stuff!) If I'm sicker than you are and I'm working, don't expect any sympathy. People need to start taking responsibility for their actions and stop whining...if you're alive, you'll have pain. If you can yell at me that you can't can. Okay, that's my rant. People acting like babies and treating the ER like a doctor's office is just part of the problem. Sheesh!!!