Saturday, December 03, 2022

Two Things

 First, the Air Force get a new bomber, the B21 Raider.  It looks a lot like the B2, but form follows function, and what we know about stealth technology drives the design.

I wonder what the purpose of the grand unveiling was.  Certainly, Russia and China knew we had it. Did the unveiling support a larger strategic purpose?  Or was it just grandstanding to prop up the Biden administration?  One wonders.

Speaking of bombers and politics, it seems that Elon Musk is carpet-bombing the Democrats with his release of internal Twitter docs that show unholy alliance between the DNC, the FBI, and Twitter on suppression of free speech.  I have no problem with a private company deciding what to cover or not to cover, but when the government gets involved, the First Amendment comes into play.

Those 50 former and current intelligence officials should be metaphorically drawn and quartered, their carriers ended, their pensions forfeit.  Those un-named FBI officials, likewise.  The Constitution is too important to allow the government to violate it for political purposes.  Any government functionary who violates it on this basic level should be stripped of all protections.


BobF said...

B-21: The flip side of the coin is the message that Russia and China better make their moves sooner rather than later, later being after the bird is rolling off the assembly line and crew are fully trained.

Twit: I think Musk has given, with more to come, the Rs a laundry list of things to investigate. If they go overboard and make all that their focus, rather than actually fixing things, 2024 could be closer than they expect, rather like midterms were. Balance, dear Rs, balance.

Anonymous said...

Outrage. If the energy from the spinning coffins of our forefathers could be harnessed, the U.S. energy crisis would be solved.

Anonymous said...

B21 is classic propaganda. Worthless in an age of satelite based weapons and hypersonic missiles. Incoming Kinzhal alert: by the time the bird clears the hangar and taxis to the end of the runway, the missile will have obliterated the airport.

The constitution is dead, nothing will happen to any of those people. Why people are not awake to this truth after so many years I will never understand. Is denying the truth really easier on one mentally than accepting it?

Old NFO said...

Yep, propaganda, no question. Re Musk/Twitter more power to him. The 'sunlight' will hopefully wake some folks up!