Thursday, December 08, 2022

Community Standards

 I have a small YouTube channel.  Videos of the grandkids, and the dog, and Cowboy Fast Draw.  The videos are purely amateur, have poor production values, are solely for my personal amusement, and are not monetized. Most of what is on there is nonsense.

This morning over coffee, I clicked on YouTube to watch the news and was notified that I had a video removed for some violation of their Community Standards.  So, I played along and learned that it is a video I posted over five years ago, a short reel of grandson Zach shooting Cowboy Fast Draw in the back yard.

Zach was fully clothed, in the back yard, expertly manipulating a revolver.  From my review of the reel, he was 15 years old at the time.  Somehow, this violates the nebulous Community Standards of YouTube, and the video was removed.

I will take this as a badge of honor.

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BobF said...

Oh, yes. An honor it should be!