Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Recruiting Shortfall

 Our military is in a tough spot right now, and following 20 years of unrelenting deployments and active combat, I understand that.  But, the leadership isn't helping things.  While they are talking about kicking out members who haven't had the covid vaccine, it's no wonder that the services are short-handed.

This screen grab from Fox News.

Lloyd Austin needs to get his head our of his ass.


Anonymous said...

Lloyd Austin needs to get his head our of his ass.

Why? It's worked so well for him this far.

But really, why do the armed forces need more people? Can't they just get smaller? we aren't at war with anyone. Not even cold war or war on terror. One reason for low recruitment is that people are choosing to do other things with their lives because they don't feel any national level threat that requires them to choose differently. At this point in history, we could afford to cut the military in half. There is no reason at all to lament not meeting recruiting levels when those levels are arbitrary and unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

otard started this and as long as the left stays in power, this will be an issue...between the vax and woke bs they have to sit through, no one wants to put up with that crap...the low income and the middle class filled the rank and file at one time...now you have these retard snowflakes...they have the test level of a tree branch...they aren't manly...this ain't going to end well for us...

Jonathan H said...

Overall the military IS substantially smaller than it was 5 years ago.
There is a minimum level of personnel necessary to meet security and treaty requirements around the globe.
There is a minimum level of recruiting necessary to replace those leaving so that said requirements can be met - current recruiting is below that. There is a good argument that the military has been too small for years - it is currently smaller than it was in 1939!

I agree with you that Miley is an idiot in many ways; Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that's why he was chosen.
The current regime cares about their political position and the views associated with it, not national security or many other things it claims to care about.