Monday, March 09, 2015

Those Emails.

Hillary released some emails, just as she said.  Sure she did.  Printed them out and couriered them to the State Department.  55,000 pages of them.
It turns out the reference is to literal physical pages. From Friday’s Times: “Finally, in December, dozens of boxes filled with 50,000 pages of printed emails from Mrs. Clinton’s personal account were delivered to the State Department.”
That's rich, and we wonder what is hiding in those boxes of paper.  If she was truly giving the American voter a big "Screw You" she would have printed them on an old dot-matrix printer, with fan-fold paper.  The chutzpah of the woman is incredible.
Why did Mrs. Clinton have her staff go through the trouble of printing out, boxing and shipping 50,000 or 55,000 pages instead of just sending a copy of the electronic record? One can only speculate, but there is an obvious advantage: Printed files are less informative and far harder to search than the electronic originals.
It's certainly harder to search them, but they're easily archived.  Just put the boxes in a cabinet, appropriately marked, and the archiving is done.

She wants to be President of a millennial United States?  Printing out emails?  That, more than anything else should disqualify her.  Of course, she's a worn-out retread from Two discredited administrations (her husband's and Obamas).  We're ready for Hillary.

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