Monday, March 02, 2015


It's interesting living in the digital age.  I remember ordering stuff when we were kids, and we'd wait by the mail box for several weeks, waiting for it to show up, and eventually, the package would come and we'd be elated, like a kid at Christmas-time.  Just the very idea that someone in Waseca, MN had gotten our order form, had filled the order and sent it back to a kid all the way down in Louisiana was magical to me.

Nowadays, we have Tracking, which tells us at a glance where our package is.  For example, I ordered something from Midway USA last week, and they sent me a tracking number.  You've all seen them.

I've known for two or three days that the expected delivery date was March 2nd, so I came straight home, looking for my package.  No joy, no joy at all.  Their expected delivery is late.  Too bad for PawPaw.  He'll just have to wait another day or so.

A small disappointment as things go, and I won't get a chance to play with the new toy until the weekend, but I had my expectations high. This new technology is great, but sometimes I prefer the old method of watching and wondering.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, the old days it was like Christmas because you usually forgot that you'd ordered something... LOL