Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Morning Dawg

Busy day yesterday.  Milady and I got up dawnish, to rain and dreariness.  She helped me on the bench, clipping the springs in the Vaqueros to make them easier to cock.  A few coils off the mainspring and the first revolver went back together easy-peasy.  Started on the second one and ran into trouble.  I took that gun down half a dozen times, and each time we'd get the pistol back together, it would be locked up.  Tear down, check alignment, reassemble.

We had an appointment at 11:30 to meet for lunch with my mother, aunt, and cousins, so as I ran up on the deadline, we packed everything away then I jumped into the shower.  We got to the restaurant in the nick of time, enjoyed a thoroughly wonderful meal with kinfolks, then Milady and I headed to the Lucky 4B Ranch in Melder for the club shoot.

Wen we got to the ranch, the shoot was already in progress, so we got in line and started visiting with the club members.  I mentioned that I had successfully lightened the spring on one revolver, but the other one had locked-up, and the president, Big Mark, looked at it.  While I was on the line, he fixed it and it's running smooth as silk now.  Thanks, Mark.

After the shoot, we headed to Milady's brother's house for drinks and a meal.  Visited with some friends and got home about 9:00 last night.  I didn't turn the computer on all day long.  We awoke to another day of dreariness, misting rain and cloudy skies.  The dog, of course, prefers to stay at Milady's feet while she drinks her coffee.

He and the gray cat are always vying for Milady's attention, so they're always underfoot.  Milady and I will get ready for church soon, and prep for grandkids to descend on us after church.  Today, we're cooking tacos.  It should be quite the meal.


Anonymous said...

Don't keep us in suspense. What was making the gun lock up?

Denis from the GC

Old NFO said...

Glad you had a good day! And curious here too...