Saturday, March 28, 2015


The choice of grips on a handgun is a very personal choice, and the manufacturers, both of the handguns and the aftermarket vendors, keep us ably supplied with grips.  I would no more try to tell someone which grip to use than I would try to tell them which underwear to wear.  It's that personal.

Milady has small hands, and she's been looking for grips that give her the best advantage with ther Vaquero, in the CFDA game.  Severeal weeks ago, she tried a pair of grips that someone had, and loved them.  They looked like custom grips, but the guy told me that they were simple, Ruger gunfighter grips.  The rubber, checkered grips.  All he did to them was sand off the checkering then paint them the color that he liked, which was high-gloss black.

Milady's revolver came with Ruger rosewood grips, but those were just a bit big for her hand.  She wanted slimmer grips and she like the sanded gunfighter grips.  So, we arranged for a swap from a club member who had admired the rosewood and had an extra pair of gunfighters laying around.

That's her pistol, on top with the gunfighter grips, and mine on bottom with the rosewoods.  This week we'll see about getting the checkering sanded off those grips and let her pick a nice color that will complement her stainless pistol.

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