Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Getting Ready

Our progress on the wax-bullet shooting continues to move apace, and Milady and I are really enjoying this game.  We plan to attend the Texas State Championship shoot on April 10-12th, not because either of us are championship shooters, but because it sounds like fun, my cousin's club is hosting it, and it's a good excuse for a weekend out of town with my sweetie.  I told my cousin that we'd be happy to help and I bet that he's going to put us to work at one task or another.

My son took this picture Sunday last, and I think it's awesome.  Milady is properly heeled, with a smile on her face and her hand on her gun.

Now, she's looking for wardrobe.  A lady can't show up at a state championship shoot in just any old rags.  The revolver, of course, is a Ruger Vaquero and the leather is a custom rig by Crease N' Corral.


North Texan said...

I understand if you don't want to get to specific on the web about location, but where in TX is the shoot being held. I'm in TX and was just curious.

Old NFO said...

Heh, fun's going to be had! And she's gotta get a good set of cowboy boots! :-)

Pawpaw said...

Texan - April 10-12, Fort Worth Stockyards. It's going to be a hoot. Go to and scroll down to events.

NFO - She's got boots, just wearing deck slippers for the photo op.