Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chivalry Isn't Dead

Chivalry isn't dead, but it has taken a pretty severe beating, especially in liberal enclaves.  One writer at PJ Media decries the men in her social group.
We live in a society where lots of men do not pay. Not only do they fail to pay for the women with whom they go on a date, they increasingly do not even pay for themselves.
The men afflicted with this syndrome tend to be young, and are usually under the age of forty. Those who suffer most severely tend to be products of the nation’s top universities or respectable urban workplaces—where political correctness and leftwing ideology regularly trample over concepts such as chivalry and honor. At these institutions, the worst thing that could happen is to be perceived as racist, sexist or homophobic. Being a weasel that does not pay is not considered a source of embarrassment.
She brings up chivalry and honor, so let me ask a simple question; If the men in your life have neither chivalry nor honor, why do you associate with those men? Why are they in your life?

And, one observation:  Chivalry is a code which demands standards of conduct from both men and women.  If women have jumped the traces, why should men remain in harness?  The social contract is both voluntary and enforceable.  We are known by the company we keep, and if your associates do not reflect your values, then feel free to change your associations.  It's really that simple.

The writer does admit that there are men who still maintain the code.
Thankfully, plenty of men in the modern era still pay. They range from older gentlemen who hail from an era that emphasized values, to younger ones who were raised by families that continue to uphold norms long abandoned by the university or the modern workplace. They also range from those who engage in professions that are intrinsically tied to honor—such as the military and law enforcement—to those who live in parts of the country that still believe in an etiquette code.
I would suggest that she limit her associations to men who act in the manner in which she'd like to be treated, but I caution her that such men also expect certain standards from the ladies that they escort.


Anonymous said...

You wanted equality, you got it sweet cheeks.

Termite said...

Pawpaw said: " Chivalry is a code which demands standards of conduct from both men and women. If women have jumped the traces, why should men remain in harness?"

That, right there.

Don't expect the NAGs to ever admit guilt, though.

Ryan said...

It never ceases to amaze me how some women will pick and choose the parts of various social values they choose to accept.