Thursday, March 12, 2015

Breaking - Officers Down

Breaking news, but it appears that two police officers were wounded last night in Ferguson Missouri as a protest was ending.
Two police officers in the US flashpoint town of Ferguson were shot early on Thursday during the latest protest over the treatment of black people by the mainly white police force.
 One officer was shot in the face and the other in the shoulder as a protest rally outside the police station in the Missouri town was dispersing, Jon Belmar, St. Louis County police chief, told reporters.
He said the officers were conscious but that their injuries were serious.
I'll be following this throughout the day, but it appears that the shots came from outside the protest, which as disbanding.  Some are calling it an ambush.  No word yet on the caliber or type of weapon used. Again, it appers that the protest was disbanding and that this was someone on the outside of the protest.

My prayers and thoughts to the officers and family involved.


BobF said...

Damn. I do wonder about that department, but no matter what, taking fire from citizens too cowardly to show themselves is about as low as it gets. Reports still seem to indicate serious injury; I hope for the better.

Rivrdog said...

Just in: the shots came from at least a block away, and the perp(s) FIRED THROUGH A CROWD OF PROTESTERS to hit the officers.


Old NFO said...

THoughts and prayers.