Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just My Style

Courtesy of my old friend Old NFO, we learn that Glock has introduced it's much bally-hooed single stack 9mm, and they're calling it the Glock 43.  Great news, now that I've purchased two Cowboy revolvers.  I was just thinking this morning over my pre-dawn coffee that I had probably purchased all t he handguns that I was going to purchase this year.

That's a screen capture from the Glock website, and you can click over to see the specs.

I'm certainly not in the market right now, but I bet that I'll be coon-fingering one before too many months are over.  I wonder if it will fit in a blue-jean pocket?


Ed Jones said...

Ruger's LC9 fits in mine just fine and has a eight round mag.

Anonymous said...

Go over to Say Uncle today. He links a commercial for the G43.

My feeling: it's not that slim. If you like Glocks, carry one which will shoot longer. If you want slim, get slim, but it won't be a Glock.


Dean Daniel said...

If you compare it to the Glock 42 it is infinitesimally bigger. It will fit just fine.

Old NFO said...

Like I said, I'm waiting until I coon finger one to make up my mind... Thanks for the link!