Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Boots

I've been buying boots for a long time.  I get a new pair of uniform boots every year, and I know what they cost, but I haven't bought casual boots in almost fifteen years.  I had several pair of old casual boots in the closet, so I tried them on last night, and they didn't fit.  I've worn a size 10D since the Army, and I didn't think my feet were getting any bigger, but there's no accounting for the fact that I couldn't get my feet in the boots.

So, today after work I went to Economy Boots, a shop I've dealt with for years.  A salesman named T-Bone helped me size some boots, and it appears that nowadays I need a 10.5EE.  At my advanced age, I figured my feet would have stopped growing, but evidently they're spreading out.  We finally found a pair of boots that I could get my feet in, and when he showed me the price tag, I just about fell over.  But, they're comfortable, I'm going to need boots for Fort Worth next month.

So, anyway, I walked into Economy Boots and told the salesman I needed some boots.  We started to fit me, and wound up with a pair of Justin Bent Rail square toe boots.  I almost fell over when he told me $179.00, but they fit, were comfortable and even if the uppers are a little gaudy, I normally wear my pants over the uppers.

I beat the Amazon price and I got to try them on, so I'll call that a win.  Hopefully, these will last several years. Evidently, western boots cost more than they did twenty years ago.  What happened to $40.00 ropers?


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

That's what my boots are. I have been wearing them for a year and a half, and just recently got them re-soled. They're pretty well made boots.

Anonymous said...

Ha, you "only" paid $179!??!?!? Well, that was a great price just about average these days. I hear ya on the bigger feet. Last year I had to get 11.5 instead of my usual 10.5's. More time on your feet = flatter feet, I guess.