Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Boehner Caves

Of course he does, it's what he does best.  The title to this post might be Boehner Caves Again, but it would start to become redundant.  What did he cave about this time?  DHS funding.  You can go to the link to read all the dirty intrigue, but the simple answer is that Boehner bluffed, Obama called his hand, and Boehner folded.  Just like always.

Boehner is a gutless wonder who won't stand up for conservative principles.  McConnell presudes over a clown show running the Senate.  President Obama has a good gig.  Sign a couple of executive orders in the morning, play a round of golf in the afternoon.  Not a bad deal at all.  There's no one to stop him, not with Boehner and McConnell running the congress.

Allahpundit gives a pretty good rundown at the link above, but he misses one key point.
The only remaining check on Obama is the courts. If that wasn’t already painfully clear before today, it is now.
Who?  John Roberts?  Surely you jest.  Roberts isn't going to stop Obama from doing anything, much less letting several million illegal immigrants stay here forever.   In the several years it will take this to work through the Courts, immigrants will be voting, drawing Social Security, and getting elected to government office.  Do you think for a second that Roberts will stop it?  Can you say Affordable Care Act?  Roberts ins't going to stop Obama from doing anything.

I'm not sure now why we elected a Republican Congress.  They don't seem to be good at doing anything, other than bending over for the president.

UPDATE** It passed, 257-167.  75 Republicans and every Democrat voting for the measure.   Every one of the Nays was a Republican.  John Boehner is now  the Democratis Speaker of the House.

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