Thursday, August 14, 2014

Golf Ball Launcher?

Aw, jeez!

I was surfing this forum this morning, when the subject of a golf ball launcher came into the conversation.
A friend of mine comes by the other day and hands me a few 5x56 blanks and says "Do you have a golf ball launcher for your AR?" My first thought was what the hell would I want with a golf ball launcher? Anyway long story short, it arrived yesterday and now I'm out of blanks just that fast. Giggles for sure. Did you know that you can get about 150 golf balls on e-bay for $40 bucks? Do now.
Aw, hell.  I didn't realize that such things existed, but it flung a whole 'nuther line of wondering on me.  I wonder, for example, what might happen if I showed up at the next law enforcement golf tournament with a golf bag, an AR-15, and a putter?

The rules would be simple.  Launch the golf ball off the tee or fairway with the AR.  Anything not on the green would be launched by rifle and the player would have to use Kentucky windage to get the ball to the green. On the fairway (perhaps), the butt of the rifle would be placed on the ground and the rifle used like a mortar. On the green, the ball is putted like regulation play.

I can't be the first fellow to have thought about this, but the possibilities are interesting.  It would give the Modern Sporting Rifle a whole new market.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

It would negate the need to frisk golfers on Martha's Vineyard.

Open carry, don't you know.

Anonymous said...

I have decided that the way to
make golf interesting would be
to drive with black powder
blunderbusses (or cannon) and
putt with BP pistols.

Otherwise it's just "A good walk
spoiled by a small white ball."