Monday, August 18, 2014

Spider Gasket

Evidently, in the multiport valve on the swimming pool is something called a spider gasket.  Mine went out, so I went to YouTube to learn how to fix it.  You can learn anything on YouTube.

So, I took out the old spider gasket and went to the pool supply.  Evidently what I need is a Pentair, Gasket Praher Top, #271104.  Not that any of you care, but when I need another one, a simple Google search on this blog will bring me to the part number.  This information is for me, not for you.  You can even find it on Amazon.  Go figure.

I'm waiting for an hour for the adhesive to season, then we'll turn it on and see if it's fixed.

1 comment:

Gerry N. said...

"Spider Gasket" sounds like it should be next to "Weasel Pins" at Home Despot.