Saturday, August 30, 2014

World's Record Alligator

At fifteen feet, nine inches and a thousand pounds, that's one helluva alligator.

It looks like it put up a fight.
The Alabama alligator was caught by the Stokes family after battling with it for more than five hours. It was hooked in a creek about 80 miles west of Montgomery.
According to the story, the weight destroyed the winch normally used to weigh 'gators, and they had to use a backhoe to get it off the ground.  The previous record was 14 feet, 8 inches from a gator caught in Texas.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Nick Saban is reportedly enrolling this guy in remedial classes at University of Alabama to get his GPA high enough to be eligible to play in the NCAA Div I.

Meanwhile, Texas A&M is attempting to resurrect from DNA this former resident

Only in the SEC!

Old NFO said...

That's a set of luggage right there! :-)

Skip said...

Lotta boots!

Unknown said...

Sabung Ayam