Friday, August 08, 2014

Brady Dies, ruled Homicide

USA Today is reporting that the death of James Brady, the former press secretary of president Ronald Reagan, is a homicide, stemming from the shooting that left Brady partially paralyzed in 1981.
WASHINGTON--The death of James Brady has been ruled a homicide resulting from John Hinckley Jr.'s attempted 1981 assassination of President Ronald Reagan, the Virginia Medical Examiner ruled Friday.
As a result, D.C. Metropolitan Police are investigating the death of the former White House press secretary and gun control icon. Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity for the shooting that left Brady partially paralyzed.
 So, why are the DC Police investigating?  We know that Hinckley shot Brady.  He's been tried for the crime and was found not guilty by reason of insanity.  That ship has left the port.  It's done, it's over.

My condolences to the Brady family.  From all accounts, James Brady was a honorable, decent man.  He and I may have disagreed on a number of issues, but that doesn't detract from his honor, or his decency.  May he rest in peace.


Old NFO said...

Dancing in his blood??? These many years later??? I dunno...

Anonymous said...

This is probably about charging people (read: gun dealer) with being accessory to murder. Problem for prosecutor: he can't reach backward in time with today's laws/interpretations. No ex post facto law. Constitution 101.


MSgt B said...

I think it's more about someone trying to get Hinckley back into custody.

He has been spending most of his time lately staying with his mom, and has to go back to the hospital once a week or something like that.

They have changed the rules of the "insanity defense" since he was tried for his attempted assassination. If they can bring him to court for this murder under the new rules, they may be able to lock him up for good.