Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I was in Sears today, looking for a deep-well, 1/2 drive, 3/4 inch socket.  I found it and started looking at tools, when I noticed an adjustable oil filter plier.  Well damn.  Gotta have one of those.

Big ol' hateful looking plier.  The last time I was changing the oil on the pickup truck, I was having trouble with the oil filter, and my second son handed me his oil filter plier.  Oh, yeah, it came right off, easy-peasy.  I told myself that I needed one of those because second son was keeping a close eye on me with his pliers.  His are Snap-On, and he's had them for years.

Don't worry, Tiger, I'm not stealing yours, I've got a set of my own.  I better put my initials on them.


Matt said...

Yea pop, those''ll do nicely

Gerry N. said...

Some of my favorite hand tools have gone walkabout in the past few years. I wish I had some sort of small remotely detonated hi-explosive thingumabob I could have embedded in or on them so I could locate them again. The only problem with that is most would likely go off somewhere in my garage, under the back seat of the pickup or somewhere else equally embarassing.

Termite said...

I did not know about those, only being familiar with strap wrenches for filter removal.
Thanks for sharing the info.

Titan Mk6B said...

I have changed oil on thousands of cars and this type of wrench is the absoulute best for oil filters. And I have tried them all.