Saturday, August 23, 2014

Flyover Country

Flyover country, huh?  Well, I've lived in the rural areas of Louisiana all my life.  Many times I've wished I could fly over parts of it, like Superman, especially when I was stuck in the middle of a muddy road with only a hand winch.  Flying would have been quite the improvement.

However, some use it as an insult, and those guys deserve all the push-back we can give them.  We rednecks (another term used sometimes as an insult) know how to push back.  Our little club, the National Rifle Association is pushing back, so PawPaw is going to embed this little ad, to give it all the air-time it deserves.

Oh, and Rahm Emmanuel can bite my ass, too.


bluesun said...

Right after Bloomberg said that, this guy made this one:

Old NFO said...

GOOOOOOOD one! :-)

Termite said...

Pawpaw said: "Many times I've wished I could fly over parts of it(Louisiana)...."

You can. Get your light sport or PP rating, buy this: or this:

Went flying with the Pollock Buzzards yesterday evening, around the lower edge of Catahoula Lake and low over the bean fields at Louisiana Delta Plantations, stopped at Jonesville for a water break, then flew back. I was grand.
Come on out and play.......

Termite said...

That should have said "It was grand". My nap of earth flying skills are a bit rusty, but they're coming back.