Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Ferguson Debacle

Jack Murphy, over at PJMedia, makes some good points in his current piece.  He deconstructs some myths and defines some of the players with a razor sharp pen.  For example:
There is no carnival so vulgar that it cannot be made more so with the appearance of Al Sharpton, a man whose rise to prominence began with a fraud and has continued without a trace of shame along the same lines ever since.  His act is so predictable and so tiresome that by now it’s a wonder anyone pays attention to him at all.  He would leap over the dead bodies of all 60 black men killed by other black men to get to the one who had been killed by a cop, and his only concern in doing so would be to get there before Jesse Jackson did.
That's got to leave a mark, but I doubt that Sharpton can bruise, anymore.

Go, (as they say) and read the whole thing.  It's worth the fifteen minutes you'll spend.  And yes, I agree with him that police should leave the camouflage at home.

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Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Al Sharpton is a race baiter. And he is a master at it.

Everybody knows master baiters. Master baiters get great enjoyment out of the activity but there is no productive end to it. And nobody, ever, wants to shake their hand.