Monday, December 10, 2012

The Instapundit Fiscal Cliff Plan

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), rolls out his fiscal cliff plan for House Republicans.  Revenue bills originate in the House, as we all know from high school civics, and the House is controlled by Republicans, even if many of them are only marginally conservative.  Still, Boehner and crew has a golden opportunity here.  The tax bill should consist of three parts.

1.  Adopt the Bowles-Simpson Plan.  It's not the greatest plan in the world, but it's bipartisan and it will start moving us in the right direction.

2.  Fifty percent surtax on post government employment salaries for government officials.  Lets say a cabinet officer goes to Washington, makes $200K in a year, then leaves government employment to take a private job at $1 million a year.  Simply, we tax that excess $800K at 50%.  For ten years.  The official is being hired because of his Washington contacts, so why shouldn't the people get a portion of the increased salary? Obama promised to close the revolving door in Washington, and this simple tax plan would go a long way in that regard.

3.  Make Hollywood pay it's fair share. Bring back the 20% tax on motion picture theaters, but also expand it to include CD's DVDs, and movie downloads.

If Boehner adopted this plan, pushed it through the House, then sent it to the Senate, he could say that he has sent a plan to the Democrats.  If the Senate killed it, that would be their fault.  If the Senate passed it, then sent it to Obama, he could either sign it or veto it.

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