Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Six More Months

Today was my semi-annual checkup.  I went in this morning and they bled me, then dismissed me until they got the labs done.  As it turns out, my cholesterol is looking good, my blood pressure is okay, all the labs came back in the proper range, except that the doc is concerned about something called A1C.  Turns out my sugar levels aren't quite what they should be.  Not dangerous, just a little high.  Oh, and I'm a fat man.  Imagine that.

At any rate, no medicine yet, we're going to work on the A1C level with diet, and I should lose several dozen pounds.  SO, Milady and I looked at the labs and I talked with the doc.  I've already cut out processed sugar, so now I'm going to cut out white stuff.  Potatoes, rice, pasta, I'm off the white stuff.

The doc thinks I'll probably live another six months, so he's scheduled another appointment in early June.  That's good news, I guess.


be603 said...

Cut out the wheat -- all the wheat -- and the rest is easy.

BobF said...

As long as Glucophage 500 manages my numbers I'm going to enjoy food. When the chemicals don't do it any longer I'll have to take the other road.

Glad to hear the other numbers are good for you, but watch that A1C (and/or daily glucose readings). Diabetes has a heck of a lot of tentacles that grab many other aspects of life.