Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cool Beans

It's my birthday tomorrow, and of course I've got to work a ball game.  Milady knew that I was stressed out, so she took me to eat Mexican, and when we got home she gave me my birthday present.  Something I've wanted for a while, but wouldn't buy for myself.

That a set of ATI shotgun forend wrenches.  I'll probably use them only once a year, or once every couple of years, but it you've ever tried to take a forend off of a pump shotgun, or tighten the forend on a pump shotgun, you'll realize how important those three wrenches can become.

Now, I'm having a little taste of Kentucky whiskey and all the stress has rolled off my back.  I am indeed a lucky man.


Anonymous said...

1st...Happy Birthday!!!!!
2nd I had no idea they had such an invention. Yes pulling that critter off is tough sometimes and I hate putting pliers on my guns like that.

Bobf said...

Yes, you are.

And Happy Birthday!

Dan G said...

Happy birthday!

Cybrludite said...

My first thought was "An assortment of suppressors?" Belated happy birthday!