Saturday, December 22, 2012


Oh, really?  New York governor Mario Cuomo is okay with confiscation?
New York’s Gov.Andrew Cuomo said this afternoon that he’d like the state’s legislature to consider all options in debating new gun control measures, including “confiscation” of “assault” weapons
It's interesting that the Democrats are okay with government confiscation of private property. I wonder who is going to do the confiscating? And just exactly how will they know where those rifles might be?

Another question for Mario.  Is this confiscation going to be from private citiizens, or is your body guard detail going to turn in their weapons too?  As long as you are protected by armed bodyguards, do you have any moral authority to even think such a thing?  When you tell your guards to disarm, I may grant you a debating point.  Until then, thank God that they have the weapons that you want to deny to everyone else.

Godless Democrats and our elected elite.  The governing class wants to confiscate from us the same tools that they use to keep themselves safe.


MSgt B said...

"It's interesting that the Democrats are okay with government confiscation of private property."

but not surprising.

Rivrdog said...

In conflict management, there is such a thing as a definable "tipping point", the point, that until passed, kept conflict manageable and within guidelines.

Past the "tipping point", all control over the conflict is gone.

Confiscation of firearms is past the tipping point, beyond which we "cry havoc".

There is NO way that confiscation can work from law-abiding people, especially with Heller in force. I'm not even sure carriage can be prohibited after the recent 7th Circuit case against Illinois.

Confiscation in today's legal climate would be an act of tyranny, and we have a legal/physical bulwark against tyranny.

Legally, it's called the Second Amendment, and it was written specifically as a control on government tyranny.

Physically, it is aimed gunfire, always in play when tyranny is afoot.

Governor Cuomo just said he would consider abrogating the Second Amendment. I hope he understands that such an abrogation would be totally unconstitutional, and would then bring in the possibility of the physical abrogation of his governance.

woodsrunner said...

Tell him I'm 20 miles east of Buffalo. Ask him if he's man enough to come get it himself.