Saturday, December 08, 2012

At the Auction

Milady and I went to the auction last night, to visit with friends and to see what might be on the block.  One of the items was a first generation Kindle.  Used.  The bid started at $25.00 and I bid it up, got out at $45.00, it sold for $50.00.

I don't feel bad for losing it.  New Kindles go for $69.00 and the one for sale was used.  It was still in the box, but I didn't know what might have been loaded on it, how it had been treated, and may have been abused.  If I'd have won it for $45.00 I'd have been happy with it, but at $50.00 I wasn't interested.  That's the game when you're at an auction.

I did score a surplus 20mm ammo can.  Real, steel, ammo cans are scarce as hen's teeth in this area and little  5.56, .30 cal, and .50 cal ammo cans routinely go for $25.00 at the auction.  I bought this one for $25.00, and while sometimes you can find them cheaper, you've got to pay shipping.  It's bigger than the cans for smaller ammo, but it will make great storage.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, ammo cans up here are out of sight too... sigh... I used to bitch about paying $3 for one...