Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sunday Morning Dawg

We're heavily into Christmas decorating this week and the dog thinks that laying under the coffee table is a safe way to spend the afternoon.  He doesn't get stepped-on nearly as much.

I can't say that I can fault his reasoning.  When Milady and a bunch of grandkids start decorating, I often want to crawl under the table myself.  Milady buys ornaments for the grandkids each year.  Of course, the dog has to have an ornament all his very own.

I see the resemblance.


Old NFO said...

LOL, yep best thing is just get out of the way! :-)

Rivrdog said...

Roger that!

Is Beau short for Beauregard, or is that he's so beautiful, you just named him that?

Pawpaw said...

Naw, Rivrdog, Milady named him Beau, I didn't even get to vote on it. We'd have to ask her why she chose that for him. I do note that our President's dog is named Bo. Different spelling, different dog. And we had our Beau before the Pres had a dog.