Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Six Million Pounds

I don't know if y'all have been following what's going on in Doyline, LA at the old Minden Army Ammunition Plant, but some contractor has been improperly storing explosives.  By improperly storing, I mean leaving them out in the weather in cardboard drums, and I'm talking about six million pounds of explosives.  That's a lot of bang for the buck.  It's something called M6, and something called TNT, and other military explosives that were being recovered from disassembled artillery rounds.  Six Million Pounds.  The civil authorities are predictably concerned.  State Police is on scene.  Someone is probably going to jail about all this.

The little town nearby, Doyline, LA is under a voluntary evacuation.  Schools closed, etc, etc.  It seems some burglars tried to take advantage of the evacuation and stumbled upon a 77 year old woman still at home, with a .44 caliber handgun.  Really.
Sheriff Sexton said a trio of burglars apparently thought they could take advantage of the evacuation and attempted to break into the home of an elderly couple just outside the city limits early Saturday.
When they tried to break into a rear window, the 77-year-old woman shot one with a .44-caliber handgun. Sexton said the injured suspect was hospitalized in critical condition and the other two suspects were arrested. He did not have their identities.
“She dropped the hammer on one of them. One is fighting for his life,” said Sexton, 59, who is in his third term as sheriff. He said deputies were on the watch for others trying to take advantage of the evacuation.
There is a lesson here that everyone should understand. Do not burglarize a 77 year old woman who keeps a .44.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, 'somebody' is going to jail is right... probably multiple somebodies... And good on her! :-) Sounds like something my mother would have done!

BobF said...

Golden Corral could be a dangerous place for a young and stupid hoodlum at lunch.

Kudos to grandma!