Thursday, December 27, 2012

What's Fer Supper?

Milady and I decided that we had enjoyed enough Christmas food and were ready for some plain, filling fare.  Since she had to go in to the clinic today, I told her I'd cook.  The menu for tonight is as follows:

Hamburger Steak
lightly browned, then simmered in a brown gravy with sauteed onions.

Brown Rice

Baby Lima beans, with Tasso .

If there is anything in this world that smells better than onions sauteing in a black iron pan, I've never smelled it.

  With a glass of wine, or maybe an adult beverage, that should feed us just fine.


Old NFO said...

Yum... Doesn't get much better! :-) Pardon me while I go drool in the corner...

Rivrdog said...

Schloss Rivrdog smells the same way now, the result of the gudwife sauteeing the onions for Lamb Curry, which is how we handled the leftovers from the Xmas Eve feast of roast leg of lamb. We debated doing ragout or curry all day, but while I snoozed the late afternoon away, she started with her curry, and my idea of a ragout was left for the next lamb leftovers.

The curry was delicious, with the apple bits still identifiable as apple, my test for a good curry. She prepared it with Fannie Farmer's recipe using a mild curry powder, not one of the nuclear sub-continental ones. Fannie Farmer was the only cookbook my late mother owned, and while the Internet gives us access to the best of the world's great chefs, if it ain't in Fannie Farmer, you probably don't want to eat it, anyway.

Rivrdog said...

...and for Old NFO, either one of these meals beats the best gedunk we could drag out of a flight suit pocket between launch and feet dry over 'Nam, eh?

Didn't you ever wonder if those Peanut Bars were going to work as your last decent meal to do SERE on if Uncle Ho shot your bird out from under you?