Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Back in the '80s I ran a hobby farm, ran a few cattle, had horses, goats, chickens, dogs and kids.   I found that there were benefits to joining the Louisiana Cattlemen's Association, so I sent in my dues, and eventually registered a brand with them.  I paid a welder to make the brand, and sometime in the ensuing decades I lost track of the physical steel brand, but the family adopted it as a logo and we've been using it ever since.  We put it on tee-shirts for family reunions, we put it on craft work, we put it on all manner of things.

Some folks say that branding livestock is abhorrent, a throwback to cruel and unusual times, but to a cattleman, his brand is his trademark.  Some of the trademarks of the old West are with us today.  Probably the most famous is the King Ranch brand, or the JA brand of Charles Goodnight's and John Adair's ranch.

However, under the Christmas tree this weekend, I saw an odd looking package and my son told me that he had made something special for me.  When we unwrapped the presents, I saw a reproduction of my brand, in the 3" horse-sized brand.

Is that cool, or what?  I doubt I'll ever heat this brand to use on livestock, but just having it gives me pride of ownership.  We call it the Lazy J-D, but in reality it's probably the leaning J - D.  Still, it's our family brand, our logo and I'm damned proud to have it in my hands.

Thanks, son.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, Paw Paw.

My son is 24, and has been a real inspiration, in his "enlightenment"
as one gets older. Congratulations.

be603 said...

Most excellent. At least burn some wood, the mailbox or a gatepost, will ya?

Rivrdog said...

This is the crossroads of cool and traditional, and it is the ideal place to be!

WiscoDave said...

That is something special. Your son is also.