Saturday, June 20, 2009

.300 Magnum

I'll be darned.
June 18, 2009: The U.S. Army has ordered 38.4 million rounds of .300 Winchester magnum ammunition for its newly modified M-24 sniper rifles, as well as similar SOCOMs Mk13 models. The new ammo will cost about $1.30 per round. The .300 Winchester magnum will be ordered in minimum lots of 56,160 rounds (117 boxes of 480 rounds each). The entire 38.4 million rounds will last a while.
Durn! I wonder how long it will take them to fill that order? I need them to get back to cranking out .22LR.

H/T to Say Uncle.


J said...

I'm betting we're getting ready for a major assault in the mountains of western Pakistan. Osama will go down on Obama's watch. Remember I said that.

Old NFO said...

It'll definitely take a day or three! :-)

Anonymous said...

They're ordering in that quantity and still paying $1.30 a round? Someone or a few someones in the Pentagon needs to be jailed, he or they are being paid off.

Flintlock Tom said...

"will cost about $1.30 per round"?!

I thought you got a break on price if you bought in bulk?