Thursday, June 04, 2009

Active Shooter

There are some reports about the shooter that targeted two Army recruiters in Little Rock last week. What do we really know about this guy? According to Hot Air:

**He was a recent convert to Islam.
**He traveled to Yemen for training.
**He came back to the US on a forged passport.
**He had a list of possible targets, including other Army recruiting centers in Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Louisville.
**His target list included Jewish targets and day care centers.
**He was named Carlos Bledsoe at birth, and changed his name when he converted.

So, this worthless piece of garbage had traveled to Yemen for training for God-Knows-What and came back here to shoot up the country. If he hadn't been stopped he'd still be killing.

I once had a close friend, an officer in the Shah's Army (Iran) who studied in the United States. We became close friends across the back fence of housing at Fort Knox. He told me that before each promotion in his army, an officer would be posted to Yemen. I asked why and he told me that there were many godless Communists to be killed in Yemen.

Today, Yemen seems to be a training site for Islamic radicals.

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