Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wednesday afternoon

It's Wednesday afternoon, and I'm done for the day. The deck is mostly completed. We put the rail on yesterday afternoon and the deck boards installed this morning. I decided to take a picture because this may be the only time I see it empty.

What's lef t, you ask? I"ve got to dig a trench from the pool house over to the deck to run electrical wire so that I can install lights and outlets. Then, I've got to backfill the trench, sand it in and lay pavers from the deck to the pool house. Last, install steps on the new pavers to the back of the deck.

A week ago, I couldn't see the end of this project. Now it's falling into place nicely. Hopefully in another week I can call this one done. Then it's on to other things.

As we were putting down the deck boards, I remarked that the temp was 90 degrees and the humidity was 95%. My son said "90 plus 95. That comes to 185 discomfort points."

Heh! Discomfort points. I like that.

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