Thursday, June 25, 2009

LSU Wins!

LSU won their sixth national championship in Omaha last night. After a disappointing loss to Texas on Tuesday we wondered if our team had taken the night off, but on Wednesday they came back strong, swinging hard against the best pitching staff in the nation.

I played baseball as a kid and I've loved baseball all my life. It's a game of summer fields and marvelous dreams. A football coach remarked to me this spring that the reason he didn't like baseball was that there was no clock. No time limit. In football, basketball, or soccer, you could look at the clock and see how much time was left in the game. Baseball isn't like that. You have a set number of innings and it ain't over until it's over. Depending on the tempo of the pitcher and the individuality of the umpires a game might last two hours or four. It's not over until the last batter swings at the last pitch.

Well, in Omaha, it's over.


Rivrdog said...

I was rooting for Tejas, PawPaw, but the best team won.

Did you notice in the post-game hoopla, ESPN played a video of the post-game celebration in 2000? In that video was a lad with "Guidry" on this shirt. Would that have been Ron Guidry, the famous MLB pitcher?

Pawpaw said...

I didn't notice. Ron is a Louisiana boy, born in Lafayette and played for the Yankees. His number, 49, was retired.

It might have been Ron.