Saturday, June 13, 2009

Goat tower?

I was over at Instapundit and he linked to an article on a goat tower.

And it got me to remembering. When my first wife and I were going through our Mother Earth period, we owned a half-dozen goats. Milk goats. Nubians. We had a pen for them, but you're not going to keep a goat in a pen unless the goat wants to stay in the pen. Goats are notorious for jailbreaks. They're fairly smart and they'll figure a way out of a pen.

When the goats get out, the best place to look is high. Goats like to climb. I'd generally find them in the hay loft because it combined the highest place on the farm with food. Goats love food. Goats love height. The hay loft was a magical goat-heaven place.

Still, the goat tower is just cool.

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be603 said...

your "Mother Earth period?" Do tell...