Saturday, June 20, 2009


Seventy-five degrees out there right now, with 93 percent humidity and the sun isn't up yet. Accuweather tells me that it's going to be hot in central Louisiana today with this charming little .gif.

I've got grass to mow this morning, and I'm not waiting for the sun to burn the dew off the ground.

We're under a heat wave, but this is sub-tropical Louisiana. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating facts. A Louisiana summer can be extremely hot and humid. I've seen it hotter than this during other summers, back before we knew what air conditioning was about.

This is the summer solstice. Well, tomorrow, actually. Longest day of the year and that ball of atomic fire we see in the sky is raining BTUs. If you're going to be outside today, take a few basic precautions. Hydrate. Lots of water. Whether bottled or tap, water is good for you. Wear a hat. Those big floppy straw hats you see old men wearing. They aren't a fashion statement. They're shade.

Be careful and let's get through this safely.

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J said...

It was 101.3° in Tullos yesterday at 4 pm.