Monday, June 15, 2009


I looked at my work-pants wardrobe this week. Normally, if I'm not in uniform, I can be found in jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers. For church on Sunday or taking the lady out on Saturday, it's nice jeans, a polo and loafers. Jeans are big in my wardrobe. As the nice jeans wear, they get put in the work-jean stack. Lately, my work jeans have been taking a beating and because of normal wear and tear, it was about time to buy new jeans.

The only problem, is that the nice jeans are still... nice. So I decided today to buy work jeans. My Daddy always wore carpenter jeans. The ones with the hammer loop on the left leg. I was in Wal-Mart and picked up a couple of pairs. Dickie's. I'm wearing them right now, and damn! These things are comfortable. I see now why the Old Man wore them.

Today we learned all about current benefits, sexual harassment, racial profiling, and report writing. They condensed two hours of classes into about six hours. Don't know what tomorrow will bring, but the firearms instructor told us to be ready to work tomorrow. I haven't "worked" on a range since before basic training. I've put the shotgun, the rifle, and the range box in the truck just in case. We might be in the classroom, we might not. Who cares? Just another training day.

I think I'll wear these carpenter's jeans. Oh, the slow, steady weight loss thing seems to be working. These jeans are marked as 40's. I've been wearing 44's for the past two years, and I noticed that my "nice" jeans were fitting loose.

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J said...

Wal-Mart in Jena sells/sold Dickies carpenter jeans in olive drab. They're a thicker material than regular jeans, i.e., better for walking through briars, and they're the perfect camo color. They're ideal hunting pants.