Saturday, June 13, 2009

Damndest Thing

Damndest thing I ever saw. I went out to my son's house this morning to experience a learning curve with him putting down laminate flooring. They're putting it in the living room and when I left this afternoon the job was almost completed.

That's not why I began this post. Behind his shop is a tree that was struck by lightning. Big ole tree and he was afraid that it might fall on the shop, so he contracted to have it cut down. Below is a picture of said tree.

What really amazed me is when I went over to look at the stump. There was a pipe embedded in that tree. Deep in the tree. I didn't count the rings, but I imagine it must have been fifty years or so since the bark closed around it.

I bet it was fun cutting through that with a chain saw. We stood around for a few minutes trying to come up with possible explanations. None make sense. It was either a long-lost corner post to adjoining propery or someone hammered that pipe in the ground when the tree was much smaller, maybe to keep someone from mowing over the tree. Nothing else makes much sense.

Ain't that the damndest thing?


J said...

Pawpaw, if you cut that tree up in 18" lengths I know where you can dump it for free. . . .

Castr8r said...

I know where there is a fine looking Walnut tree that shows absolutely no sign of the buggy axle that it has grown around. It was slowly swallowed up as I grew up and kept an eye on it.

be603 said...

Dad got into a pickle with an ancient apple tree when I was kid. It had been filled with concrete once a upon a time. I think that was with a borrowed chain saw too.

We only had a swede saw at the time. It did the job fine for our couple cords/yr of firewood. Two guys pulling on it could really make it sing.