Friday, June 12, 2009

Demotivational Poster

My sister Frances sent me some demotivational posters. This one made me laugh.

Many of the ones she sent are the work of Oleg Volk, a graphic artist/photographer who works on the internet supporting the 2nd Amendment. His pictures are worth thousands of words. He also runs a forum for gun stuff, The High I am a regular contributor over there, under the screen name PawPaw. Go look at Oleg's stuff, and thank him for all the work he does for us to get the word out.

Okay, okay. Just one more.

Everyone have a fun-filled weekend. I'll be helping my son put down laminate flooring.


Old NFO said...

Love Oleg's work both in the pics and THR... Have a good weekend!

J said...

In more of the Yamamoto quote, he commented, incredulously, that many USA civilians owned and frequently practiced with military rifles.