Friday, June 26, 2009

Range Afternoon

My oldest son and I found ourselves with a free afternoon, so yesterday we went to the range to shoot the shotguns. Our range, the LDWF complex at Woodworth, LA offers rifle and pistol ranges along with 5-stand shotgun shooting, If you've never shot 5-stand, it's a great way to tune up your wingshooting. Plus, at the Woodworth range it's a great bargain.

You provide the shotgun, the shells, and $5.00 per round of 25 shots. They provide the clay targets, the range officer and six automatic traps. It's a heck of a deal. We shot two rounds apiece yesterday. Five stand is a fairly easy game to understand. Each shooter fires five shells from each of five stations. Six traps are throwing targets in a pre-programmed progression. Those six traps provide almost all the common field shots. Incoming, outgoing, crossing left and right, and flushing. There's even a rabbit target. It's a hoot.

If you feel like your shotgun work needs a tune-up, get to a shotgun range. After my performance yesterday, I know my skills have eroded. If you're within easy driving distance of Woodworth, their operating times are posted at the link above. This range complex is a great resource for the shooters in central Louisiana and we should take advantage of it.

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